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With everything Cabo San Lucas has to offer, you may end up finding yourself interested in possibly buying some real estate in Cabo San Lucas. There plenty of communities to that offer prime Cabo San Lucas real estate, although the prices of property in these areas fluctuate greatly.

The price of a house in one neighborhood may only be $200,000, but then two blocks down the same style of house may cost $500,000.

Factors in Price

Cabo San Lucas is not a very large area and real estate is limited, which makes prices much more expensive The price of property in Cabo San Lucas depends on a few things, including:

Location – The location of a property is obviously the most factor involved in housing prices in Cabo. The closer you get to the ocean, the higher the price. As you get closer to the actual city of Cabo, the price decreases as well.

Nearby Amenities - In many places, the nearby amenities can drive the price of property up tremendously. The Las Ventanas Development is proof of that. While the views are fantastic and the location is somewhat close to the beaches, property in the Las Ventanas development is expensive largely to due the large amount of restaurants, bars, and shopping areas surrounding it.

Community Prestige - The prestige of the community is also very important. The Pedregal is home to some famous actors, athletes, and politicians. This has increased the prestige of Pedregal and it is now the most expensive area in Cabo San Lucas.

Communities in Cabo San Lucas

Pedregal – The Pedregal area is the most exclusive and expensive real estate in Cabo. Lots alone here start at one million dollars and some have been sold for up to five million dollars. Here, residents and property owners can experience the utmost luxury money can buy.

The Pedregal is unique because in many spots, you have a full 360-degree view of the Ocean and Sea of Cortez. This is the only area in Cabos San Lucas where you have access to a view like this.

The Las Ventanas Development – The Las Ventanas development is a huge area in the tourist corridor that is composed of hundreds of new homes and condominiums. This area is perfect for shopping, eating at fine restaurants, or going to the beach. You are paying for the location here, not the luxury. While apartments and houses are still nice, they are nowhere near the luxurious nature of the Pedregal.

Downtown Believe it or not, some of the cheapest housing can be found in downtown Cabo San Lucas. While there are not as many luxury condos or resorts, there are plenty of small houses that you can buy for fair prices. If you are not planning on living in Cabo, you can rent the house out and it will pay for itself in a short period of time.

There are plenty of other communities in Cabo San Lucas, including other retirement communities, oceanfront communities, as well as other religious communities. No matter what age, gender, or religious group you belong to, there is a community in Cabos San Lucas you can find.